The Full Story


I have had periods in my life where I've received the oportunuty to act on stage and film, performing in theatre productions and art events. Here are some examples:


Der Letzte Mensch

Berlin Art Week 2014

Die Klanginstallation Der letzte Mensch der norwegischen Künstlerin und Organistin Liv Kristin Holmberg ist eine Untersuchung der Gründe die es gibt, es nicht zu tun; keine Kinder in die Welt zu setzen. Ein Werk, das sich mit der Erfahrung beschäftigt, Leben zu geben oder es freiwillig nicht zu tun.

artist: Liv Kristin Holmberg


Theatre 2014 

Schaubuhne F.I.N.D. festival

role: Barbie


director: Theda Nilsson

Two Little Girls and a War

Film 1995

Zwei Madchen im Krieg

role: older girl

A short film, without dialogue, about the collapse of law and order during war. In an unspecified war-torn European country, two young girls, aged about 8 and 4, struggle to survive, the older girl having to find food and shelter. When a truckload of soldiers, having gang-raped a discarded naked woman, spots them in a house, the girls are forced up into the attic, but there appears to be no escape. Then the older girl tears their clothing, smears red muck over them, and orders the 4-year-old to lie still. This has the desired effect of convincing the men the girls had been raped and murdered, and they leave.


concept & production: María Sólrún


Club Inferno

Theatre 2013

Volksbuhne Berlin

role: Ninette

Ten years ago, Beatrice Godeux opened Club Inferno in the Wedding district of Berlin as a luxury class club with glamorous Las Vegas style. Shortly after Beatrice's unexpected death, her son Herbert raised the stakes by converting Club Inferno to a black market establishment where guests and staff gathered to play sinister games that walk the thin line between life and death. Using Dante’s topology of hell as a map, they confront their mortality, desires, and anxieties in a world where evil deeds are no longer washed away by a purifying bath. In these games, there is no divine or natural power to forgive us our sins. Since Herbert's take-over, the club has mutated into a twisted parallel universe where most of the “inhabitants” are trapped, and rarely see the light of day. Rather, they are doomed to Dante’s circles of hell, living in limbo and sharing a collective psychosis that dissociates them from reality. Much like Vergil, Herbert Godeux guides us on a journey beyond the grave, urging us to abandon all hope and cross the river of Acheron.

concept & production: SIGNA

Borghildur Indriða

Visual artist