Gunnar Lützow
„Dazu bezieht sich die in Berlin lebende Künstlerin auf eine große Tradition: „Beim Nachdenken über venezianische Masken ging es mir darum, einen Aspekt zu integrieren, der uns vertraut ist: zu enthüllen und zu verdecken.“ Und genau in diesem Spannungsfeld bewegen sich mehrere ihrer Projekte.“
- ART das Kunstmagazin
Bella Spratley 
„52 years on, since the pivotal moment in world history when in July 1969 the first man stepped foot on the moon the idea of space travel persists in modern conversation. Today, rather than Soviet Union versus America, it represents (in the mainstream) a squaring up between the richest men alive- Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, and their respective space travel projects. However this artist has other ideas - rather than treating the moon as a colonial or patriarchal space for ownership, conquest or personal gain this exhibition asks, "what claims are being made in relation to unmanned territories? What hierarchies and systems emerge? How can women assert themselves within patriarchal structures?" And perhaps also, what if interstellar exploration was a shared goal and communal achievement rather than an assertion of dominance?"
- Metal magazine
Clemens Bomsdorf 
"The pictures were part of her work Demoncrazy, which deals with how older men continue to dominate certain public and social spaces in Iceland. As part of the Reykjavik arts festival in June, Indridadóttir showed photographs of topless young women standing in front of painted portraits of older men."
- the Art Newspaper

Borghildur Indriða

Visual artist