The exhibition was on one of the first Terminal Exhibition series at a former Post building in Berlin Tegel. 


#my_كل_شي is a hashtag appropriated from the Lebanese transgender pop star Haiifa Magic, who is breaking down biases in the arab world. Haiifa Magic uses this hashtag a lot: meaning #my_everything. 


The one-minute "Hei Maei" looping audio-visual beamed to the back wall is about the unknown intelligence of the ocean and surfaces on identity and multiplicity that can be noticed on streets such as Sonnenallee and Karl-Marx-Str. in the neighborhood Neukölln in Berlin. For the opening women stylized both in niqāb-khimars and in latex and fishnet stockings performed within the exhibition context. 

00:00 / 03:52


Installation of oxygen masks and a video.


Former Post office in Berlin Tegel, on the program of Terminal Exhibitions (TXL)

Terminal Exhibitions www.terminal.is was possible with support from Myndlistarsjóður.

Borghildur Indriða

Visual artist