Special Thanks

My current team at Artist on the Moon:

producers, scientists, astronauts,  

dancers, trainers, filmmakers, photographers, advisors, stylists, builders & assistants.


My source of income and support:

Art investors, Myndlistarsjóður, Hönnunarmiðstöð, SÍM,

Kynningarmiðstöð Íslenskrar Myndlistar, AÍ, Menningarnótt.

Current and former collaborators at:

Hot Mess, Peer to Space, Hošek Contemporary, the European Space Agency, ILWEG, Terminal Exhibitions, Terminal X, The Reykjavík Arts Festival,

Hafnarhúsið, The Icelandic Parliament.

The journalists, curators and researchers that have made time and effort

to study and write about my artworks.


Last but for sure not least:

friends, family and those people who inspire me to create.

Thank you!